The Pink Haze of a Cool September Morning

Hello Nebula, I'm happy to see you again.

Walter Pop Matthews IV


When I opened my eyes

and saw that beautiful

Blush mist in the sky

I leaped up

That mysterious phenomenon

in the eastern horizon

Looks like pink cotton candy

In the pale blue ether

Hovering in the stratosphere


a nebula in deep space

Out of my urban window, what a spectacle of

magnificence to behold when I wake

In the dog days of summer, I witnessed it

Hovering in the west

It felt like an omnipresent entity

looming over me

While the world was at rest

A sentient cloud

I feel like the earth is in a transitional phase

I feel like still waters

but I am zealous

with awe, I'm amazed

I feel like speaking the

The atmosphere's


When I start my day

Lord your marvels

Never end

I'm lost in the heavens


I love stories like this because this beautiful experience happened to me at the beginning of August. It was a strange and eerie feeling when I began my walk. There were clouds like I'd never seen on the western horizon.

It felt different. I felt like I was witnessing a shift and the earth standing still. Without being a one with nature hippie, I felt something I couldn't explain. I like feeling things that I can't explain because it humbles me.

I feel small in a good way. Something was alive in that sky, and I was plugged into it. It seemed like the earth had terrestrial nebulas, and they spoke in telepathy.

I don't know why I have this relationship with the atmosphere, but I do. Just look at some of my stories in the…



Walter Pop Matthews IV

A writer who has written an autobiography in poetry form, songs, a play and thought provoking commentary on various online platforms.