Making Money in My Sleep Is No Longer a Dream

Passive income is the reality that I’m very grateful for

Walter Pop Matthews IV
3 min readSep 15, 2022


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Having that extra stream I had the money and freedom to invest in my dreams.

Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV

Passive/residual income. You should be proud of it, even if it’s a couple of bucks. Why? You put forth the effort to create something beyond your standard income stream. I get a monthly payment from Medium, and I realized I have to stop being so nonchalant because it’s not a lot of money. It fluctuates monthly, but I made close to 10 bucks. It’s ok because I’ll make more. I make money from writing. How cool is that?

I look at it as a blueprint to build my vision on. It’s a beautiful unknown I’m walking in because I’ve never had a solid and steady audience as an artist before. I had a buzz, but it came and went like a breeze. This feels different. I think the hours, the diligence, and the work will pay off.

The tricky part is sticking with something when no one is paying attention or cares. Your belief is what sustains your dream. When you finally find your audience or customers, it always surprises you. Word of mouth, friends, and family is where many of us start, but we all know we have ventured further than that.

I remember creating my first passive income in 2005 when I wrote my book. Online shopping wasn’t popular at the time. It was two years before the first iPhone. Then I produced my first album as an artist. Whatever I made, it was no overhead by my time. This world of selling digital goods would change the way we make money forever.

I remember the first time I got a second job. I remember a church elder told me how ambitious he thought I was. I didn’t even need a second job, but it was nice going above and beyond average. It was free money that I used to buy music equipment. Having that extra stream, I had the money and freedom to invest in my dreams.

Be proud of yourself if you find time to do anything extra to bring more money in. People with small businesses, side hustles, or talents that devote time to their passion after work should be celebrated. Just finding the time and energy to do anything extra is a miracle. So I salute all writers, musicians, artists, content creators, and entrepreneurs. Keep doing what you do.

It was nice to venture into a new topic because I rarely write about money or MPP. With a growing audience and engagement, Building genuine connections with readers that love my work is priceless. The money will come. I’m at the cusp of a new chapter I’ve never experienced, so I’m beyond excited.



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