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The memoir of Dave Grohl

Walter Pop Matthews IV
3 min readApr 7, 2022


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When I started listening to this audiobook narrated by frontman Dave Grohl, I began last year in the fall. I'm just finishing in spring because it was so good I didn't want it to end.

When I started it, I never thought that the legendary drummer of my favorite band, Nirvana lost Kurt Cobain and rose from the ashes to form The Foo Fighters and then 28 years later lost his friend and drummer Taylor Hawkins.

It hits different for me because Dave's story became a part of my life for the last six months because I walked while listening to his book, and I was able to transport to the world that he created for his readers/listeners.

As a writer and producer, it gave me everything I am as an artist. As a writer, his descriptive writing style was pure poetry, and as a producer that loves music, he made me love music even more. Dave has such a reverence for musicians and all bands that inspired him to want to jam.

He's a rockstar who never seemed to get jaded by it. He seemed to stay that little kid who listened to vinyl records of his heroes. Maybe he meets all or some of them. You'll have to get the book and experience it for yourself.

I'm at the point in my life where I needed a book like this. I have my childhood dreams, and I'm making them a reality as I write this. Writing on this level was a gift and vision that I didn't know I had.

When I wrote those stories in my self-made comics, I never knew that I would still be on this path. I remember when I first heard Nirvana, but I also remember when I heard Dave Grohl's drumming bleed through my speakers and make everything around me tremble.

There's was no denying this talented musician. I thought to myself, who in the hell is that on the drums? I had never heard drums played like that in my life.

Dave's impressive storytelling seeped through my earphones into my soul as well. His story became a part of my story because I quoted so many aspects in my walk journal. I was telling my story while listening to him.

The entire time listening to the book, I stayed walking my trail. It seemed right. Today, as I approached the end of my walk and the book's conclusion, I was about to turn it off and finish it on another walk.

My bluetooth cut off before opening my door, but I heard some talking inside. I realized the audiobook had switched to my bluetooth speaker in my kitchen. When I got inside, I took out my earphones and sat at the kitchen table.

As he talked about what his band meant to him individually, I understood why I finished this book at sat down for the first time. Hearing him talk about his best friend was touching. I dedicate this article to The Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkin's family.



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