Dying Stars Are the Beginning of Something Greater

Voids birth light

Walter Pop Matthews IV
2 min readJul 24, 2022


Photo by NASA on Unsplash

She’s an Empath Supernova
Love’s soldier
When you think her
Star is gone
She’s about to show ya
Brightest days and sunniest rays
Vacant nights get colder
Fire can burn you
Or its warmth can hold ya
Her inner voice got bolder
Brush the low self-worth off her shoulders
She notices all of the vultures
Feeding on old traditions and
Oppressive culture
Her message created a brand of new molds
An army of new sculptures.

The Empath Whisperer meets The Empath Supernova

I dedicate this to my friend and my biggest supporter Yana Bostongirl. She has to be one of the most resourceful writers I’ve ever met. Why? She feels that many of my comments on her stories could be turned into poems and articles.

The funny thing is that many of my comments on her stories ARE poems and articles, so I was intentional when I wrote this one. I feel that Yana appreciates my words and my artistry. Everyone doesn’t bring out the greatness in you, so it’s ok to revere and put the spotlight on the ones that do.

I’ve been through much mess with relationships and friendships with the opposite sex. That could’ve made me bitter, but that still doesn’t waiver the fact that I think a woman is the greatest gift to a man. When we're connected platonically or romantically with who God sends, she’ll add life and multiply everything we conceive. She sees our vision. She genuinely believes.

Walter P.o.p . Matthews IV



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