As the Color in Me Awakens

Adorn me with my identity

Walter Pop Matthews IV
2 min readJul 6, 2022


Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash

What Emotions Does Art Evoke in You?

Life newsletter#16 features the month of July prompt collab with poet, writer, and artist par excellence, Ali Click to see the original post and painting that I wrote my poem about.

For this month’s prompt, I would like you to take a look at this acrylic abstract painting and write a poem inspired by it. Please include at least one of the colors observed in your written piece

Click here to see the original post and painting

Thank you Yana Bostongirl and Ali for this prompt!

As the color in me awakens

I remember the canvas was vacant

Devoid of vibrance

I was creatively aching

Waiting for a burst of sunshine

To drench me in its warm embrace

Life emerges from a turquoise lake

As the painter

Create something great

Shape layers of me

That evolves with every stroke

Becoming hues of warm and cool

Fire is the light in which I soak

Slowly a spectrum of emotions

and my soul looks like shadows dancing on still waters

Eloquent motions

Trees become my network

My roots are the bridge that it creates

a seamless symbiosis between creation and the creator

You are my secret place

I feel so free

I can just authentically be

Show me to the world right now

The painting is me.

Photo by Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV (That is me about to paint a mural)

What Emotions Does Art Evoke in You?

Pure joy when I think of who I was created to be, who I will create with, and the euphoria of knowing that whatever form of art I create within I’ll approach it like a painting. I add color, depth, and motion to evoke your imagination and emotions.

Shout out to Kelly Aluna Martone for being such an inspiring person to me. I know your presence will be felt here at medium. Read her about me first and when you see her story titles you’ll know you’re in for a treat.

Check out her poem Breath of a butterfly.

Shout out to Debby J Tumanduk she has a vivid poetry style that I'm fond of. Many nature pieces and optimistic poetry. We need that energy in the states and the world right now. Check out her poem Heaven.

Here is my link if you want to explore more



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