An Inspiration 4 Earth

While you’re looking down at that magnificent view I’m looking up in awe at you.

Walter Pop Matthews IV


Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Spoiler alert: I talk about some things that happened in the Netflix docuseries Countdown: Inspiration4 to space.

I imagined what space would be like since I was young so the idea of the first all civilian flight to space is really exciting to me. I watched the limited Netflix series Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to space.

I really enjoyed learning about the crew and the moment they found out that they were going to space. As I watched I put myself in their shoes and prepped right along with them. From training in fighter jets to trekking up Mt.Rainier in WA. I had a personal connection to the mountain climb I was on that same mountain.

They went up to 10,000 feet and know I wasn’t up that far but I was up far enough that I was walking in snow. It was June so I had to be pretty high. It was one of the crew members dream to go to space and that dream came true. The mission pilot Dr. Sian Proctor is the fourth black woman to go to space and her father worked at NASA. Her father received a note from Neil Armstrong and that framed note went into space on this mission.

I live no where near snow capped mountains growing up but I always had a fascination for sketching and painting them. What I created on a drawing pad actually manifested in the physical.

Sketch by Walter P.o,p, Matthews IV

I never imagined that I would literally be in the painting. Looking at the same majestic mountain through pine trees. When the crew reached their summit their was this breathtaking scene where you could see the cascades peak over the clouds. I actually saw that myself on the flight back home from Seattle to Baltimore.

I never seen or didn’t think I would ever see anything like that in my life. It was heaven. This was 08 so I was nervous about using my cell phone to take pictures. I really wish I had my digital camera. So watching this show is the first time since then I’ve seen what I saw. It couldn’t top being there. So i’m imagining how those regular citizens go higher and further than…



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