A Windy Autumn Afternoon

A walk journal on a brisk Early afternoon is my favorite season, in my favorite type of weather. It gets no better than this.

Walter Pop Matthews IV


Photography by Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV

I'm writing this about five minutes coming into my house after my walk. I'm only taking a break because my smart watch needed to charge. If my watch hadn't died, I would be on my rooftop doing cardio. I like writing fresh from a walk because the experience is still fresh in my brain.

I say this because I had another beautiful walk last week that I didn't write about, but I want to complete that journal even a week later. I underestimate my memory all of the time. I have to remind myself that I remembered every detail of my childhood bedroom, and that was in the 80s. So one week later shouldn't hurt me.

Today was one of those walks in Autumn that I've been waiting to write about. Many of my October writes in the past were gloomy, cloudy, and rainy. I've never captured a breezy, sunny, and partly cloudy fall day before. Today was perfection.

The show has just begun at the beginning as the green leaves change into crimson, burnt orange, and mustard. There's still green on the leaves, but you can see that many lawns are covered with the colorful seasoning of red and gold. Above is gorgeous with the fluffiest cotton ball cumulus clouds and backed by a sky with the deepest blue hue.

The wind softly kisses the branches so the leaves don't fall; they gracefully glide on a diagonal angle. God has just set up his easel for us all. Our imaginations are the blank canvas. I'm a willing vessel that's open to receive.

Step outside and Enjoy

These free riches

Just breath

Why do I love Autumn

So much?

It’s the Art that unfolds.

Picture A wonderland of warm

Colored foliage

Fall 🍁 is the painting of creative souls.

I wrote a poem within the poem in bold.

P.o.p. the writer



Walter Pop Matthews IV

A writer who has written an autobiography in poetry form, songs, a play and thought provoking commentary on various online platforms.