A Full Circle Walk on a Cool and Cloudy Morning

A crisp, cloudy, and familiar walk on a Saturday in October

Walter Pop Matthews IV


Photo by Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV

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I should've written this in one of the walk journals the day I experienced it. Still, I was distracted and started working on something else, so writing this a week later under my warm covers for early Monday morning is a challenge.

The day was Saturday morning, October 14, and as soon as I stepped outside, I was delighted because the weather was one of the many types of atmospheres I liked to walk in. There's a perfect recipe in the air that I can't explain, but I can feel.

The sky is the palest of grey, and there's a frosty feel on my nose, and the oxygen is excellent going in my lungs. I love documenting this unusual occurrence so you, the readers, can immerse yourself in the whole experience of how it feels when I'm walking.

Here are two other journals that captured it

It's hard to explain, but I see myself elsewhere whenever I walk when the weather is like this. It's like an out-of-body experience. Like I'm communing with my future self. Walking on this deserted beach, I smell the ocean, hearing seagulls fill the air with chatter. I always see a lighthouse in the distance. I sketched that lighthouse for the first time in high school, and it's been in my vision ever since.

One day, I can take a real picture of that beach and refer to this article. Wouldn't that be cool? Please read and comment on the other articles I dropped within this one. That would mean a lot to me. When I started my journey, how neighbors decorated…



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