It’s time to hear from the perspective of a past dweller who couldn’t stop looking in the rearview but now is driving forward.

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The present must be extremely bleak in order to constantly stay stuck in the shadows of the past. I promise you most of us that live this way don’t admit because of the judgement that comes along with it. Just move on is what you’ll normally hear. It’s actually a good idea if it were that easy. Why can’t people get over old relationships? How do we get trapped in the quicksand of time? I believe everyone has their own reason. For me regret and not feeling worthy of love was a part of it. I’ve had some pretty traumatic…

A poem about loss, healing, starting over, trust, commitment and opening up your heart to the greatest love that you could ever imagine.

Photo by Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV

You are with me before, during and after the Rain
You are the joy
That waits at the end

Of pain
You’re my beauty after

After the clouds cry
You’re a vivid and Colorful
Spectrum of laughter
I trust you and confide
In you my deepest and
Darkest thoughts

You’re enlightening,

A blessing of lessons that life has taught

I sought you and I didn’t Even know it
I needed you and didn’t Even show it
I didn’t even know you
Were planted for me
I sowed it?

I’ll go with the flow of Life’s perpetual stream
Just when I…

A prequel story leading to a poem. It documented an awakening and a time of refreshing.

Photo by Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV

A seed was planted to die so that I could live

I wanted to go back to the past 6 years ago to find some writing where I was going through a serious transition in my life. I had recently been separated and I remember there was sadness hung over me that it really didn’t seem anyone understood how I felt.

It was annoying that I had people close to me telling me how I felt. How do you know I feel? I don’t like when people force how much they relate to my situation. I began internalizing everything and I remember that I stopped talking. …

A poem for a friend who has transitioned.

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When I saw your profile those big eyes, filled with wonder, drew me in
They captivated me
I immediately wanted to know who you were and I didn’t even know why
I don’t know it could be A spiritual thing
Once you accepted my request as a friend
I immediately knew why
You are a visual artist and musician
Your thought pattern
Was way out there
I recently called you a Helium balloon🎈

Floating free through The clouds
Not being tied down

This earth didn’t seem like it could contain you
Your body may have been here but your spirit
Was already…

A memorial day morning walk unlocked more of my vision.

Photo by Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV

I woke up with such a vibrant energy on a Magnificent Monday. It’s early and everyone is still asleep because of the holiday so it’s my opportunity to once again begin my glorious trek through my neighborhood.

Whenever I take my walk the doors to my imagination are like floodgates that have been opened. As I start I once again go past the house that inspired the original Hello Garden poem and I realize that there is another house next door just like it.

They’re both delightful and I can feel such a good vibration from them. When I gazed…

Art by Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV and Alexandria Shea

The intro to my new brand. When the…

When you plug into nature it will speak to you and give you revelation.

Photo by Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV

In the cool of a beautiful

New morning a new day Dawning
I’m taking my Saturday

Morning walk
The smell new spring Flowers

Freshly cut lawns
Birds are singing
In harmony
Most humans are

Still asleep
I take a deep breath
Of the oxygen
That the trees so Generously give me
I put my earbuds in as I Listen to one of my Favorite podcasts
Getting inspiration

To spark my own Creativity

My fitness app counting The miles and steps
As I step with purpose
I come across this house
That just stood out to me in my travels
You see it’s neighbors houses…

Our adventure was like a rollercoaster that kept climbing to the top until we dropped. As I revisit that experience I uncover why I haven’t taken a ride like that since.

Photo by Annie on Unsplash

I don’t think too many people are comfortable with sharing a story from their history because we’re constantly told to move on and stop living in the past. I get that. Life doesn’t wait for you and will leave you behind. I believe people that think they’ve moved on are carrying unresolved issues from past trauma into new relationships. Have you really moved on or are you just moving the same junk from house to house? Well I was able to go back before many of my failed relationships and see who I was before all of the heartbreaks. I…

A poem about one human being breathing life to another by speaking encouraging words.

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I don’t understand you or really know where you came from
Who are you?

I never met a human being like you ever
You are walking
Good energy
The image of
The Most High
If higher vibration was a person

Your picture would come up
We hear about so many people with this toxic energy

I never hear about your kind

Maybe you’re my personal
Guardian angel
So I can stay close
To light, goodness
Hope and positivity
So many chase the idea of romantic love

When we finally get it we get bored and

We take the person for…

A poem about achieving pure happiness and joy in a relationship.

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash


I want to hold you close and dance beyond the sunset

I want to experience epic days and nights that we’ll never forget
Doing tik tok dances
Or even private lessons
I’m filled with joy
Baby you are my biggest blessing
When we move as one
It relieves all of the stressing
I rise to that vibration

Your eyes burn through me like
Later you have something else waiting

Passion overflows but we are patient

Raindrops of rhythm
Turns into a ocean
Heartbeats are together

In a symbiotic motion

Have Fun

I can see unforgettable
Walking on beaches
From moonlight
To sun up…

Walter Pop Matthews IV

A writer who has written an autobiography in poetry form, songs, a play and thought provoking commentary on various online platforms.

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