A marriage must be able to endure the peaks, valleys, ups, downs and seasons of life. Sometimes it starts in the the peak of Autumn which can be deceiving. This is an introspective journey of what I saw through my eyes, felt in my heart and some of the wisdom that I’ve attained from my experience.

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When I heard that Kim and Kanye we’re getting divorced I wasn’t cynical or even thought that I saw it coming. I have empathy for them both. No one goes into a marriage thinking that’s it’s going to fail. The phrases that I keep hearing is that people grow apart or fall out of love.

Really? Are you sure about that? Or are marriages just disposal experiments where everyone finds themselves? What do humans really want? What are we looking for? …

It’s time to hear from the perspective of a past dweller who couldn’t stop looking in the rearview but now is driving forward.

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The present must be extremely bleak in order to constantly stay stuck in the shadows of the past. I promise you most of us that live this way don’t admit because of the judgement that comes along with it. Just move on is what you’ll normally hear. It’s actually a good idea if it were that easy. Why can’t people get over old relationships? How do we get trapped in the quicksand of time? I believe everyone has their own reason. For me regret and not feeling worthy of love was a part of it. I’ve had some pretty traumatic…

A day of refreshing, renewal and revelation

Photo by Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV

It’s interesting as I write this it’s a week from when I originally wanted to write this. I’m sitting here in the darkness before the dawn, five in the morning feeling rested and restored. I call myself an early morning mastermind because my thoughts are at full capacity after a great night’s rest.

I’m laying here thinking about the revelation I received as I walked last week about Saturdays. I’m a night shift worker and my schedule changed about two months ago. My life was thrown off of its rhythm. …

Imagination can lead to innovation or it can be like wheels spinning in the mud. It’s a time to think and it’s a time to take action. Here’s some tips on how to give overthinkers some balance and also be able to transfer energy with the purpose of getting unstuck from analysis paralysis.

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I had a epiphany the other day while I was driving home. That morning I was in a mood where I was enjoying my favorite music. The joy of these songs invaded my soul and I didn’t want to keep it to myself. I wanted the euphoria that dwelled in me to be transferred to others.

I just had recently signed up with the popular all Tik Tok. It’s the only app I know of where I can play songs I like while promoting myself. The problem that I have is that I create in many genres and I have…

The constant effort in trying to fill nothingness

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Why do I think I can
Be whole when I
Keep filling my soul
With black holes
Life can be bright as a
Or darker than space
In a void that’s so cold
Feeding and binging
I still feel empty
Hidden seeds get Planted
That torment and
Tempt me
The question that you Ask yourself is what am I

Temporary dopamine Dreams turn to Nightmares
When you
Then you feel vacant
How did I get here?

In a place that’s between
Euphoria and fear
Pain and joy
Anger and laughter
Storms turn into
Beautiful rainbows
I’m tired of numbing
My disasters
There’s nothing in this…

A poem about creating a foundation in love and life

Photo by Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV

From sunrise to sunset
We will not be apart
We’re comfortable

Shining in the light
Because of what we
Forged in the dark
We’ve been refined
In the fire
Mounting with
Wings of eagles

We’ll soar higher
Admiring each

Other among a

Blue and magenta
We’re finally here
Together we can fly
Our money will
Make money
At dawn we shall sing
Life is much easier because
The wind does the work
For our wings
Our vision is grand
We appreciate the small
We’ve risen in love

We transcended the fall
This bird is out of
His cage
Up on high we…

Redefining and reflecting on the day that I was born

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Before I begin to talk about my “ special” day I want to say today I’m filled with gratitude that I woke up, I have air to breathe and I am healthy. I do count my blessings and yes it could be worse. Birthdays are a time where it seems like people pull out all of the stops because we live in such a celebrate me society. Self importance is profuse and at an all time high.

I just want to explore why my born days have been draining and on a decline of enjoyment for me. I originally was…

A poem about giving someone flowers right now in the moment. Also taking time to be grateful for nature’s beauty is giving flowers to yourself.

Photo by Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV

On my walk in the wake of the cicadas nothing seemed that vibrant. Summer can wash out the colors of spring. When came upon these bushes it was a pleasant surprise. I saw something beautiful beyond my eyes.

Flower in the morning

Sing a new song

Empowered when I Wake
Welcome a new dawn
Forward is the motion
Old things are

Flowers in the morning
Sing a new song

Former self and my
Future self is torn
Loving you is so right

Don’t want to be wrong
Almost the Eve of
When I was born
Pregnant with hope
The journey has been Long


On the cusp of the summer solstice.

Photo by Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV

9:10 Post Meridian 6–18–2021

Being an overnight worker is not an easy shift to work, so I grasp as many of the small moments of joy that I can. One is that first night off. I’m usually exhausted, so I take an afternoon nap that’s usually so restorative and euphoric.

I wake up at 9pm and I’m surprised to see out of my window a deep blue sky with no trace of the sun. I do a big stretch and go out on my rooftop balcony and it’s such an eerie calm. A literal Twilight Zone. It’s literally 9:10 pm…

A poem about loss, healing, starting over, trust, commitment and opening up your heart to the greatest love that you could ever imagine.

Photo by Walter P.o.p. Matthews IV

You are with me before, during and after the Rain
You are the joy
That waits at the end

Of pain
You’re my beauty after

After the clouds cry
You’re a vivid and Colorful
Spectrum of laughter
I trust you and confide
In you my deepest and
Darkest thoughts

You’re enlightening,

A blessing of lessons that life has taught

I sought you and I didn’t Even know it
I needed you and didn’t Even show it
I didn’t even know you
Were planted for me
I sowed it?

I’ll go with the flow of Life’s perpetual stream
Just when I…

Walter Pop Matthews IV

A writer who has written an autobiography in poetry form, songs, a play and thought provoking commentary on various online platforms.

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